Embrace the Unpredictable with Proteus

Imagine traversing the rough terrains of the Rocky Mountains on a clear afternoon. Suddenly, you veer into a dimly lit, shadow-draped forest path.

The Proteus Electrochromic cycling sunglasses adjust instantly, providing you with perfect vision clarity regardless of the lighting conditions.

Whether it's the sun-kissed plains or the depth of the shadowy forests, Proteus guarantees you clear and optimal vision.

With Proteus, every ride becomes an adventure you can confidently embrace. Your journey through the unpredictable becomes less about challenges and more about the thrilling experiences you'll encounter.

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Electrochromic Sport Cycling Glasses



★ 20,000+ Customers Riding Safer with Saolar ★

Fashion, functionality, and advanced technology converge in Proteus. Experience seamless transitions, customizable comfort, unmatched durability, and ultimate protection. Elevate your ride with confidence. Redefine your cycling experience with Proteus.
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- Proteus Electrochromic Glasses
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- 2x Batteries

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  • Electrochromic icon

    Electrochromic Technology

    Instantly adjust your vision to any lighting condition, making your biking experience smoother and safer.

  • Fast Transition Icon

    Ultra-Fast Transition

    No more momentary blindness when entering a shadowy area; Proteus adapts almost instantly.

  • Adjustment Icon

    7-Level Adjustment

    Customize your lens transmittance to match your unique needs and environment.

  • Durable Icon

    Fashionable and Durable

    Merge style and strength with our square-shaped, black-colored frame that suits any outfit.

  • UV Certified

    UV400 Certified

    Achieve maximum UV protection with our polarized and UV400 certified lenses.

SAOLAR Proteus Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses | Right View

No Interruptions, Just Smooth Transitions

Picture this - you're fearlessly hurtling down a steep trail, adrenaline pumping, when you unexpectedly plunge into a shady tunnel.

With conventional biking glasses, your vision would falter, posing a risk. Not with Proteus.

With our ultra-fast shade change technology, the sudden change from sunlit to shaded areas won't disturb your descent.

Proteus adapts in a flash, maintaining your sightline and safety, ensuring your ride remains smooth and uninterrupted.

No more abrupt stops or near misses, just pure, exhilarating biking.

SAOLAR Proteus Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses | Buttons View

Tailor Your Comfort with Proteus

It's a crisp morning, and you're embarking on a trail that weaves through diverse landscapes. The sun's intensity fluctuates, and so does your need for protection.

That's where Proteus steps in. Unlike ordinary cycling glasses, Proteus features 7 levels of lens transmittance adjustment, letting you dial in the perfect balance between brightness and protection.

Be it a high-altitude glare or a cloudy overcast, you have the power to modify the sunglasses' tint to suit your comfort.

With Proteus, every ride is tailored to your preference, enhancing your biking experience.

20,000+ Happy Riders

Join over 20,000 riders who've enhanced their biking experience with Proteus. Browse their stories and experiences in our testimonial carousel and discover how Proteus has transformed their rides.

SAOLAR Proteus Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses | Rear View

Elegance Meets Durability

Imagine standing at the trailhead, your mates donning bulky, oversized wraparound sunglasses.

Then there's you, pulling out the sleek, black, square-shaped Proteus from your pack. Not just a style statement, but a testament to high-level performance and robust durability.

With Proteus, you're not sacrificing functionality for fashion. These lifestyle sunglasses withstand the rigors of the trail while complementing your style.

Proteus is your secret weapon, equipping you with a seamless blend of elegance and resilience, turning heads both on and off the trail.

SAOLAR Proteus Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses | Front View

The Ultimate Protection for Adventurous Riders

Envision yourself conquering the most challenging trails under the high-noon sun.

With Proteus, your adventurous spirit doesn't have to come at the cost of your eye health.

Our Electrochromic sunglasses, UV400 certified, stand as your robust shield against harmful rays.

Relish the thrill of your ride, while Proteus does the heavy lifting of protecting your vision.

When you venture out with Proteus, every ride becomes a worry-free experience, focused solely on the joy of cycling and the pursuit of unchartered terrains.

Unleash Your Mountain Biking Experience

Your Burning Questions Answered!

Are electrochromic sport sunglasses suitable for mountain biking?

Absolutely! Electrochromic sport sunglasses, like Proteus, are specifically designed to adapt to the changing light conditions experienced during mountain biking. They provide clear vision and enhance safety by automatically adjusting the lens tint in response to the surrounding environment.

How fast do electrochromic sport sunglasses transition between tint levels?

Proteus electrochromic sport sunglasses boast ultra-fast transition times, taking only 0.1 seconds to change the lens shade. This ensures that you experience minimal disruption when moving from bright to shaded areas or vice versa.

Can I customize the lens transmittance levels to suit my preference?

Yes, with Proteus, you have the freedom to personalize your comfort. The sunglasses offer seven levels of lens transmittance adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the tint to match your sensitivity and the prevailing lighting conditions.

Are electrochromic sport sunglasses durable enough for rugged mountain biking trails?

Absolutely! Proteus electrochromic sport sunglasses are built to withstand the demands of rugged mountain biking trails. They feature a sturdy construction that is both lightweight and unbreakable, ensuring they can handle the challenges of intense biking adventures.

Do electrochromic sport sunglasses provide adequate UV protection?

Yes, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is crucial while mountain biking. Proteus electrochromic sport sunglasses are not only polarized but also UV400 certified, providing maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Ride confidently knowing your eyes are shielded.

How long does the battery last in electrochromic sport sunglasses?

The battery life of Proteus electrochromic sport sunglasses varies depending on usage. However, the easily replaceable battery ensures that you can enjoy extended hours of cycling before needing to replace it, allowing you to focus on your ride without interruptions.

Can I wear Proteus electrochromic sport sunglasses for other outdoor activities?

Absolutely! While Proteus is specifically designed for mountain biking, its versatile and adaptive features make it suitable for various outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking, running, or engaging in other sports, Proteus offers adaptable vision and enhanced protection for all your adventures.

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