Why wear photochromic glasses?

Why wear photochromic glasses?

Photochromic glasses are known for the quality of vision they offer. They are becoming more and more popular, and the brands that manufacture them do not hesitate to innovate in their offerings. From the most basic to those combining more advanced technologies, a multitude of choices are available to you. In this article, we will talk about the photochromic glasses from the SAOLAR brand, which are both convenient and ultra protective.

A design that combines comfort and practicality

SAOLAR brand glasses are made with a high quality frame. The Grilamid TR90 in which these frames are designed gives them a remarkable lightness and flexibility. Specifically designed for your bike trips, they are unbreakable and remain resistant to shocks. They return to their original shape after any deformation and also resist climates.

The design of these glasses will perfectly match your face without making them cumbersome. Their encompassing shapes protect your eyes from insects, gravel, pollen, and many other dangers. With their ergonomic design, SAOLAR brand glasses do not move much.

These glasses also have an anti-fog treatment that aims to prevent fogging in case of thermal shock. This prevention is done by eliminating the condensation that forms on the surface of the lenses.

We can therefore conclude that these glasses are very comfortable and will allow you to focus on your trajectory without worrying about potential visual difficulties.

Excellent vision quality

SAOLAR brand photochromic glasses promise you unparalleled vision. These have adaptive capabilities that allow them to offer you perfect vision despite atmospheric conditions. In fact, the index of the brand's glasses changes depending on the luminosity. They will darken or lighten according to the lighting conditions around you.

In other words, the color of the lenses in sunny periods will not be the same as in shady periods. This color change is due to the molecules present in the lenses. You therefore no longer need to alternate between glasses and sunglasses. This adaptability, in addition to guaranteeing you excellent vision, ensures the protection of your eyes.

These glasses offer improved eye health through their complete filtering of UV (UVA and UVB). They effectively fight against glare and contribute to reducing the risk of eye fatigue.

These glasses offer a panoramic vision that will allow you to better control your bike trajectories. A wider and distortion-free field of vision is thus available to you. The optical insert provided by the SAOLAR brand with its photochromic glasses will allow you to adapt your corrective glasses to it. So all you have to do is snap them onto the insert for a more suitable vision.

Easily ride in any circumstance with SAOLAR brand glasses. Prized by athletes, you will also be seduced by the absolute protection they offer for your eyes. They will be the perfect ally for you if you enjoy cycling trips.

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