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Where is my package?

You can track your package by going to our package tracking page.

Packages are sent within 1 to 2 days and take an average of 5 to 8 business days to arrive. If this time has not elapsed, don't worry! Your package is still in transit. If not, we invite you to contact us and we will find a solution together so that your package is delivered as soon as possible.

Do your glasses include corrective lenses?

Yes, the vast majority of our glasses include corrective lenses. Whenever a pair of glasses includes corrective lenses, this is indicated in the product description. The Rapture model is particularly suited for progressive lenses.

Why are the lenses I received completely transparent?

SAOLAR glasses are photochromic glasses. They change their tint automatically with the light. When they are in the shade, it is therefore totally normal that they are transparent. This allows the cyclist to see more easily and clearly. As soon as the SAOLAR glasses are placed in the sun, they gradually become darker to protect from the light.

Are your glasses suitable for women and teenagers?

Yes, our glasses are unisex. So they can be used by men, women and teenagers!

How can I change the lenses on my glasses?

SAOLAR lenses can be clipped on and off the frame. Simply apply gentle pressure to the rim of the glasses to unclip the lenses and remove them. Being made of TR90, the SAOLAR frame is flexible and shape memory. There is therefore no risk during handling. You can then do the reverse operation to attach the polarized lenses.

How do I clean my glasses?

Cleaning with water
Simply place your glasses under water at 35°C and let the water remove the dirt. Don't forget to wash your hands just before. Be careful not to use dishwashing liquid! They contain solvents that can damage the lenses.

Make sure everything is clean and use the pouch or a microfiber cloth to dry the glasses. Do not use cotton cloths, tea towels, paper towels, or toilet paper! These fabrics contain hard fibers that can scratch the glasses. You can use a hair dryer on cold mode, but do not expose your glasses to heat.

Dry Cleaning
To remove fingerprints, you can use a clean cloth or microfiber pouch. If gentle rubbing doesn't remove the marks, blow on the glass and rub again. This is our secret technique that works every time!

A little bonus tip, always keep your glasses in their case to keep them perfectly safe. You'll avoid scratching them or dropping them.

Don't forget: Wearing your glasses on your head can damage the frames. With a lanyard, you can secure your glasses and make sure you never lose them!

What category are SAOLAR glasses?

SAOLAR photochromic lenses are category 0-3. They are completely transparent in cloudy weather and darken to filter out 80% of the light in sunny conditions.

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