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Cuttle REVO

Cuttle REVO

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Vision Revolutionized with REVO Technology

Discover the pinnacle of lens innovation with our Cuttle REVO Mountain Biking Sunglasses. REVO lenses aren't just lenses; they're gateways to a more vibrant, clearer, and safer outdoor adventure.

REVO Enhanced Benefits:

  • Clarity Redefined: Our REVO lenses sharpen your vision, turning every trail into a high-definition experience.
  • Advanced Contrast: Navigate the nuances of the trail with enhanced contrast, identifying obstacles with ease.
  • Maximum Glare Reduction: Tackle the brightest environments without squinting. Glare is gone, so you can focus on the ride.
  • Full Spectrum UV Protection: 100% shield against all harmful UV rays to protect your eyes where the sun is most intense.
  • Color Like No Other: Witness the world's true beauty as colors become more vivid and lifelike.
  • Multilayered Durability: Resistant to scratches and impacts, our lenses are built to handle the unexpected.
  • Blue Light Shield: Cut through digital haze and harmful blue light while on or off the trail.
  • Hydrophobic Coating: Repel water, oil, and sweat for a lens that remains clean, no matter the conditions.

Cuttle REVO: Designed for the Rider

Beyond the revolutionary REVO lens technology, the Cuttle REVO Sunglasses are crafted with features that honor the mountain biker's spirit and requirements.

Trail-Ready Features:

  • Wraparound Protection: Enjoy a panoramic view of your ride, with a secure fit that stays put through every jump and jolt.
  • Ventilated Comfort: Strategically placed vents eliminate fogging, keeping your vision crystal clear as you power through.
  • Lightweight Strength: Our frames are designed for the demands of the trail—sturdy, yet so light you'll forget they're there.
  • Non-Slip Grip: No matter how intense the ride, our grips hold on, ensuring your focus remains on the path ahead.
  • Photochromic Adaptation: Lenses that adjust to the light, providing optimal visibility in every shadow and sunlit spot.
  • Impact Resistance: From gravel to branches, your eyes are shielded against whatever the trail throws your way.
  • Enhanced Periphery: With the extended lens coverage, catch crucial movement from the corners of your eyes.
  • Customizable Comfort: Adjustable nose pads mean a fit that's tailored to you, minimizing pressure and maximizing comfort.
  • Style on the Slopes: Bold colors and a sleek design reflect your passion for the sport and the great outdoors.
  • Weather Defiant: The hydrophobic coating keeps your lenses clear in rain or shine, ensuring unstoppable rides.

Your Ultimate Ride Companion

When the wilderness calls, answer with the confidence that comes from wearing Cuttle REVO Mountain Biking Sunglasses. Whether you're shredding down mountain paths or cruising on country trails, they're not just your sunglasses—they're your outdoor performance enhancer.

Choose Cuttle REVO – See the Trail Differently.

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