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The Eruption of Vision in Cycling Sunglasses

Unleash the power of sight with our Magma cycling sunglasses. Encased in a classy black design with upper and lower bumpers, these glasses offer optimal protection while ensuring maximum visibility. Like a volcano ready to erupt, they burst with features tailored for the ultimate biking experience.

  • Uninterrupted Protection: Magma cycling glasses come fully equipped with upper and lower bumpers, offering unmatched protection against the elements.
  • Sleek and Stylish: Donned in a sober black design, these glasses are the epitome of elegance. Turn heads while staying shielded with Magma™.

Experience: Photochromic Cycling Glasses with a Fiery Twist

Welcome to the future of biking with Magma's photochromic cycling glasses. Just as a volcano adapts to the earth's movements, our lenses adjust to the varying light conditions, providing optimal vision at all times. Our fiery red lenses are particularly adapted to mountain biking.

  • Adaptive Lenses: Our red photochromic lenses adjust to changing light conditions, giving you an edge when mountain biking.
  • Why Red?: Red lenses improve depth perception, enhance contrast, and reduce eye strain, making them particularly suited for the unpredictable terrains of mountain biking.

The Ultimate Volcanic Power in Mountain Bike Glasses

Harness the power of a volcano with Magma's mountain bike glasses. Tailor-made for the trail, these glasses offer an unparalleled biking experience. Much like lava flowing through a volcano, Magma protects and adapts, giving you an unrivalled biking experience.

  • Built for the Mountains: Magma mountain bike glasses are designed to withstand the rigours of mountain biking, offering top-notch protection against wind, dust, and insects.
  • Volcanic Versatility: Whether you're a mountain biking pro or a cycling enthusiast, Magma™ caters to every rider's needs.

Ignite Your Journey with Magma Biking Glasses

Light up your ride with the fiery style of Magma biking glasses. Featuring a sleek black design and trendy rounded lenses, these glasses are a fashion statement waiting to happen. Erupt in style with Magma.

  • Stylish and Sporty: The fiery design of these glasses adds a touch of style to your look, making you the centre of attention wherever you go.
  • Comfortable Fit: Despite their fiery appearance, these glasses offer a comfortable fit, ensuring you can wear them for hours without discomfort.

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